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It's very easy to send your artwork to us. There are a couple of options.
IMPORTANT: Please read instructions about how to properly setup files by clicking here,
and always call or email your salesperson to let them know you have uploaded artwork.

Option 1) Use this form to upload your file.

  • Send a File to Monarch Media Designs

  • Upload a File
  • To upload multiple files, click the "Upload a File" link until File 1 is uploaded. Then, click it again to upload File 2, File 3, etc. Once finished uploading all files, click "Send Now".

  • Should be Empty:

Option 2) Send the file(s) using Dropbox or WeTransfer

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You can also share files/folders with your salesperson.

Option 3) Upload the artwork to our FTP site

Click here to request FTP Login information

Option 4) Email Us

Click Here to Email Us (small files only less than 10MB-large files via email will not be accepted)

If you know the email of your salesperson, email the artwork directly to them.

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